Tuition Assistance

There are three options for paying tuition to MSMT.   Please choose the option that is best for you and your financial situation.  You can always procure financing outside of what MSMT offers, such as through your bank or credit union. Tuition for the program is $8,100.00.

  1. You can pay the balance of tuition during the first week of class, which gives you a 10% discount.   This brings your tuition amount to $7,290.00.
  2. You may choose to pay the balance of tuition within six months of beginning the program and pay no interest or fees.  This is our “six months same as cash” option.   
  3. You may choose to finance through MSMT for up to two years after beginning the program.  The payment processing fee is a fixed 6%, and the loan can be paid off in advance with no penalties.*